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At PRT we are always looking for new, fresh, original material to mix in with better known classics. We seek out new material from sources such as Tiny Lights and Redwood Writers. Imagine your story performed along side great authors such as Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Edward Albee...

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what people say about us

For a writer, there’s nothing quite like hearing pages of your own words come to life on the stage. PRT helps you realize your story has more depth than you ever dreamed possible. And because the set, costumes, and blocking are kept to a minimum, your story is really given the spotlight!."
Susan Bono, Publisher
Seeing my story, "Elliott Comes to Play," performed on stage by the Petaluma Readers Theatre was truly one of the highlights of my writing career. Words cannot express how amazing it was. To sit in the audience and not only listen to my fellow attendees laugh and cry, but to experience my work as the reader does, was a dream come true. I hope I can do it again one day."
Cynthia J. Patton , Author